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Jessica Brock

Web App Developer and Database Developer

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Looking for a Web Development Expert? Look no further, I am proficient in Full Stack Web Development and database development/modeling. Together we can build something incredible. Reach out today and let's discuss your project.


Itsy Bitsy URL Open Source

Similar to tinyurl and - URL shortener program in Python/Flask

Python ETL Open Source

Uses Python for ETL (Extraction Translation and Load) process for various data sources.

BioBreak - Search for Public Restrooms Open Source

Search the USA for gender neutral restrooms, restrooms with disability access and restrooms with a child changing table.

FEMA Disasters - Map of natural disasters Open Source

Historial data of FEMA disasters displayed in a map.


Work Experience

Database Analyst V - Wells Fargo (JUN 2018 - FEB 2019)

Lead data developer on several divesture projects

  • Extracted over 1 million checking/savings accounts from the database and output to json files. Delivered files to client ahead of schedule.
  • Created Python scripts to update json files via Cron job, previously this was a manual process
  • Created ER diagram for client, as well as file layout documentation.
  • Created new features/bug fixes in Oracle packages

Data Engineer - Epicor (NOV 2013 - JUL 2017)

Worked as DBA and Linux Sys Admin in additional to my database developer role.

  • Successfully migrated 20TB of data from Oracle to the Amazon RDS (PostgreSQL) with zero downtime.
  • Created an archiving/purging process (PL/SQL & Python) for Oracle data resulting in query optimization.
  • Installed Subversion versioning software on a Linux server to support applications and users.
  • Squashed numerous bugs in the Oracle database, successfully partitioned large tables, resulting in optimized query performance.

Database Engineer Booz Allen (FEB 2008 - NOV 2013)

Worked on both the Wounded Warrior and Talent Management DoD projects.

  • Lead developer on Wounded Warrior - designed REST APIs, data model and Oracle database code. This was a manual offline program that I help lead to become Web-based.
  • Database developer for Talent Management - designed ETL process in Oracle from numerous data sources (included all branches of the military, as well as civilian employees. Created Oracle package code to support the application.

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